Our partners

SYNOVA is working together with world-class technology partners to provide complete solutions. We are working with Technip Energies on the commercialization, licensing and delivery of waste-to-olefins applications. With Trinseo we have developed our polystyrene-waste-to-styrene process. TNO is our partner providing test facilities and valuable input to our development team.


TNO is our technology development partner. They operate the MILENA and OLGA PDU almost on a daily basis to answer specific questions from our clients. With their scientific staff and their extensive analytical capabilities, they are a valuable partner to SYNOVA.

Technip Energies

SYNOVA has been working with Technip Energies since 2021 and boosted the development of the solution where waste materials are converted to olefins and aromatics in a unique direct way. Technip Energies leveraged their expertise from refinery gas upgrading and completed our waste-to-olefins process.


In 2022, SABIC announced that they intend to be the owner and operator of a first commercial plant based on SYNOVA and Technip Energies technologies to convert plastic waste into olefins and other high value chemicals to boost their recycled products offering.


Trinseo has finished the design of a 2 t/h industrial plant using SYNOVA’s technology for the depolymerization of polystyrene-waste.


Koch Technology Solutions and SYNOVA have been recognizing the strength of each other’s technology and its combination to convert plastic waste to BTX. We are ready to design the first commercial plant for you.


For the development of new solutions and demonstration / commercialization of our technologies, SYNOVA is interested to create new partnerships.